Hosted by Positive Psychologists

Sam Mehoke, Rachel Perlman, Adam Markey, & Cayce Savage

We created this podcast to answer three questions:

  1. When it comes to thriving, what do we know is true? How do we know it is true?

  2. What does this look like on individual, organizational, and institutional levels?

  3. How can we help our listeners to thrive?

Join us as we dive into psychology and interview experts from other fields to understand the complex dynamics of human potential. Together, we hope to give you the knowledge and tools to be informed and empowered, so that you too can move from striving to thriving.

Don’t forget to meet the Team!

Sam Mehoke

M.A., Positive Developmental Psychology & Evaluation


Originally inspired as a child by the training and dedication in Batman cartoons, Sam developed a preoccupation with several questions: How can we create systems that encourage us to be our best version of ourselves? How can we improve? What makes something interesting for one person and not another? This curiosity ultimately lead to the creation of The Logic of Thriving, but not before it took him to Asia for several years, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Japanese Language. Sam also works, as an external evaluator for educational after-school programs.


Rachael M. Perlman

M.A., Positive Developmental Psychology & Evaluation


The skills that Rae gains revolve two questions: How can individuals continue to develop constructively throughout the lifespan, and how can we as a society encourage this? These questions led her first to an obsession with foreign languages, then to a bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology specializing in perspective change, and finally to a master’s in Positive Psychology. Rae can be classified as an idealist who orients herself toward mindfulness practices, environmental sustainability, and social entrepreneurism. In addition to working on the podcast, she is writing a Positive Psychology book where readers can experimentally explore their own potential.



Adam J. Markey

M.A., Positive Organizational Psychology & Evaluation


Coach, writer, and burger enthusiast, Adam is passionate about the journey toward personal well-being.  His own experiences with codependency and integration inspired him to look deeper into what it means to live authentically.  Adam’s mission is to connect with and provide tools to individuals and organizations that wish to consciously transform their reality.  In his free time Adam enjoys illustration, folklore, and befriending other people’s dogs.




Cayce Savage

M.A. Positive Organizational Psychology and Evaluation


Organizational consultant, coach, and professional fairy, Cayce strives to improve the relationship between organization and individual, and individual and self. Her passions lie in culture, creativity, communication, and self awareness. Her goal is to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge to live the life they want to live, both professionally and personally. And to learn as much as possible about domesticated rodents.