Episode 18: Brian Riches: Becoming a Hero Everyday

One of my purposes is to help people be better… but if everybody is developing and thriving well… then we can have a lot of people working on things that are important to them that can change things.

-Brian Riches

Claremont Graduate University Positive Psychology PhD student Brian Riches joins Sam Mehoke to discuss heroism. How can we be more heroic in our daily lives? What gets in the way? Who is Brian’s favorite superhero?

I had a blast having this conversation, and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Thank you Brian!

If you would like to contact Brian, you can email him here:


Some notes from the episode:
I fail miserably to recall The Lucifer Effect. Brain saves me.
The Claremont Graduate University’s Adolescent Moral Development Lab, and their site on fostering purpose
Lab Home page:
Fostering Purpose resources and tool kits:

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