Episode 21: Noah Boyd, Positive Org Culture, A.I and Burnout

The vast majority of research in emotional labor, and everything else and it’s all done on white and western samples. You get these huge samples and tons of repeat studies, but it’s all on the same culture and you can’t really generalize from that.


What if we stopped looking for answers for a moment? What if I just ask 20 questions: How are my employees today? Is there enough coffee for them?, etc.
-Noah Boyd


Claremont Graduate University Positive Organizational Psychology PhD student Noah Boyd joins Sam Mehoke to discuss culture in the workplace and how the way we interact with that culture relates to burn-out. Later on we dive into where the future of workplaces may be headed. What happens when we have facial recognition A.I. as our HR department? How should companies go about researching and knowing themselves? What questions should they be asking?

I love talking about the future and getting a little sci-fi. Thank you Noah!
Please enjoy the episode, and see you all next time.

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Some notes from the episode:
I invent the phrase “False Herring”.
Microphones got a little interesting at the end. Sam continues to learn how to edit.

For more on this topic, Noah has suggested looking at:
Professors Geert Hofstede, Harry Triandis, and Edgar Schein work.

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