Episode 22: Dr. Kendall Bronk, Developing Purpose in Life

So, taking those two findings together, that leading a life of purpose is a good thing and that it’s a relatively rare thing- members of our adolescent moral development lab have gotten really interested in how can we foster purpose.

-Dr. Kendall Bronk


Dr. Kendall Bronk is a professor of positive developmental psychology at Claremont Graduate University. In this episode, we discuss what purpose is, and how we can cultivate more purposeful lives.

Recently, Dr. Bronk and her lab has released the Fostering Purpose site complete with resources and tool kits.

Thank you, Dr. Bronk!

If you would like to contact Dr. Bronk, please visit her lab’s site: here


Some notes from the episode:

The Claremont Graduate University’s Adolescent Moral Development Lab, and their site on fostering purpose
Lab Home page:

Fostering Purpose resources and tool kits:

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